Past Recipients

2018 Live Your Dream Educational Awards

On Sunday  May 19, 2019, Soroptimist Desert Coast Region Spring presented nine outstanding women, including our own Ashley Ross with a Live Your Dream Regional Educational Award, a new Laptop Computer and Printer.Ashley, not only shared with the audience about her journey, but when she learned that another recipient, whom she knew was unable to attend, Ashley stepped up to speak on her behalf. something in her behalf so the audience would know her story. Ashley shared a very empowering and inspiring message with everyone.
“Thank you all so very much for such an amazing ceremony. My heart feels so full of the very powerful and moving stories we heard. I was so proud to be a part of that. It undoubtedly inspires and motivates me to get into my profession as quickly as possible to help make a difference – one person at a time.I love you all so much. The relief in paying for basic necessities and bills is not equivalent to any “thank you” I can ever say to Soroptimist. You have made my life (and my daughter Naseera’s) better by allowing me to be that much closer to actualizing my dream. 
Please send my love, my gratitude, and my joy to all of Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs. You are all angels without wings. 

With so much love and appreciation, 

Ashley & Naseera Ross”

2017 Educational Awards Ceremony

Six women, Cherelle Tisby, Stephanie Perez,  Jasmine Hutchinson, Graciela Espejo,
Elizabeth Sanchez and Therse Lopez were recognized for pursuing their college dream in the face of adversity and were treated to special inspiration messages from both our 2018 Norwalk Mayor Jennifer Perez and our 2018 Vice Mayor Margarita Rios.